Choosing a circular saw for your home

A circular saw

Due to their ecological and aesthetic properties, wood products, as in the past, do not lose their popularity today. In order to turn a piece of wood into a product, track saws of various modifications are used. The circular saw is designed for cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting of both hard and softer wood species. Also, the power tool copes with sawing various wood-chip materials, such as chipboard, fiberboard, MDF, and sheet plywood brands FS and FSK.

The main criterion for choosing the best track saw reviews is its power since it is impossible to use a low-power tool for sawing hardwood, for example, for oak blanks. Material processing is performed using a blade with sharp teeth, which, rotating at maximum speed, cuts the workpiece.

You don’t have to be a professional to figure out how to work with a circular saw. The tool is quite simple to operate. It can be customized to perform a specific task. To do this, you need to set the depth, width, and angle of the cut. Some models provide for setting parameters, as well as replacing the saw blade – manually, without the use of locksmith keys. A tool with a powerful motor can be equipped with a soft start system and can be protected against accidental starting. The saw works from a 220 V network, although some time ago models that work on rechargeable batteries appeared.

Choosing a circular saw for your home

Like all power tools, circular saws can be roughly divided into two categories: household and professional. A professional tool, as a rule, is more durable, accurate, reliable, and has a long service life. But this does not mean at all that only specialists work with it, it will be convenient when doing woodwork for everyone who knows how to handle a power tool.

When choosing a circular saw, it is necessary to pay attention to the diameter of the blade, on which the cutting depth depends, as well as to the rated engine power and the number of revolutions per minute. It is important to consider the balance between motor power and blade diameter since a large diameter blade designed for deep cuts will only work correctly with a powerful engine. For example, disc diameter of 210 mm is capable of cutting 45 mm of material, and in order for the engine not to overheat when working with such a circle, its power must be at least 1 kW.

In total, all models of circulars are divided by engine power into three groups: low-power – up to 900 V, medium – 1600 V and with the highest power – over 1600 V. The most powerful models are distinguished by a long service life, accuracy, and high performance. But if a saw is needed to solve certain problems in everyday life from time to time, then, as a rule, a tool is chosen from the first two groups, low or medium power.

When choosing a circular saw, it is necessary to decide on what tasks this power tool will be used. Become familiar with the characteristics of the tool, what power it has, and whether the blade is suitable for the required cutting depth for balanced saw operation. The brand under the name of which the tool was released is also important, well-known manufacturers produce circular saws, which are distinguished by a long resource, contribute to the high-quality performance of work.

Construction power tools for the home

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